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Modigliani miller irrelevancy hypothesis of the dividends policy of an organisation - MM Theory on Dividend Policy focusing on 'Irrelevance of Dividend'

Jun 07,  · miller and modigliani dividend theory hubbabubbabar Short essays in Economics June 7, June 10, 7 Minutes The adoption of a dividend policy by any firm forms a crucial part of its financing decision.

Credit from capital rationing; debit from payment of dividend.

When Are Dividends Irrelevant

Dividends are relevant because they are a net good. However, in many cases, payment of dividends is a positive good that adds value to shareholders. In other words, since dividends can only help and never hurt, company management should be required to demonstrate compelling reasons to not pay dividends out of the cash flow generated by the firm.

Dividends are relevant because they promote overall social welfare.

Do Dividends Matter? (Part I) What Modigliani And Miller Really Say

Thus, the use of capital must be directed toward its most valuable uses. If firms never paid dividends, the societal use of capital would be inefficient. For example, there would be an imbalance between investment and consumption. Thus, dividend payments set into motion market dynamics that tend to create an optimal balance between consumption and various investments uses of capital.


Shareholders, guided by the price mechanism, choose what the best use of capital is: By this logic, the dividends distribution to shareholders is offset by the external financing.

Due to the distribution of dividends, the price of the stock decreases and will nullify the gain made by the investors because of the dividends. Assumptions of the Model Modigliani — Miller theory is based on the following assumptions: It assumes that all the investors are rational, they have access to free information, there are no flotation or transaction costs and no large investor to influence the market price of the share.

No Taxes There is no existence of taxes. Alternatively, both dividends and capital gains are taxed at the same rate. Furthermore, it was established that dividend payment affects share price.

Miller and Modigliani theory on Dividend Policy

Nigerian firms thus, as it was discovered, not only use dividend payout policy to signal their quality, but also to signal their future prospects, an issue that makes managers strive to maintain essay question young goodman brown target and uninterrupted dividend payout policy that is adjusted periodically.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that the M-M theory does not adequately address the Nigerian business environment. The indigenous business sphere conforms to the contrary theory — that of dividend relevance. In this light, domestic investors prefer to earn dividends than to engage in the more risky stock trading.

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Dividend policy therefore forms a crucial determinant of the value of a firm in the Nigerian business context. Retrieved March 26,from Unilorin: Retrieved March 26,from Africa Metrics: Theory and Practice Thirteenth Edition. Retrieved March 26,from Seeking Alpha: Retrieved March 26,from Wikipedia: Retrieved March 26,from Studymode delete essay Fundamentals of Financial Management 12th edition.

There is perfect certainty by every investor as to future investments and profits of the firm. In other words; investors are able to forecast future prices and dividends with certainty.

Capital Structure Theory - Modigliani and Miller (MM) Approach

According to the M. It also refers to the simultaneous movement of two transactions which exactly offset each other. The two transactions involved are paying dividends and raising capital through external funds either through the sale of new shares or raising additional funds through loans to finance investment programs.

If dividends are distributed, an amount will creative writing rochester mn to be raised through the sale of new shares. The increased value per share through dividends will be exactly offset by the external raising of shares.

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Dividends therefore are irrelevant. Modigliani and Miller advocate capital structure irrelevancy theory. Even if the firm pays dividends, resulting in a increase in market value of the share, the effect on the value of the firm will be neutralised by the decrease in terminal value of the share.

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Therefore, shareholders prefer dividends and are willing to accept a lower required return on equity. It means whatever may be the dividend payment, the company will make investment as it has already decided upon.