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Comparing a sports car and minivan essay

Apr 27,  · SUV vs Sedan. Cars are modes of transportation designed with four wheels and are intended to carry passengers. The first vehicle or car was a carriage with a pedal. It was followed by the steam-powered car of the late 18th century and early 19th century/5(6).

Difference Between SUV and Sedan

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They feature special equipment, and with few exceptions manufacturers make only limited numbers of them. The Audi R8 is typical of the modern sports car, with all-wheel drive and all-aluminum construction. As a result, pound for pound they cost more than most other cars.

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American manufacturers soon responded to the appearance of European sports cars on American shores. Soon local sports car clubs were established, and cars were raced on a few road courses like Watkins Glen in New York and on former airports, like Sebring in Florida. Most sports cars are two-seaters with low ground clearance and aerodynamic designs that enable them to cut through the air easily.

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Automobiles began to be driven as sporting vehicles in the late 's. By the 's, open wheel and stock car racing had become the most popular motor sport in the United States.

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Sports cars often serve as a means of testing new automotive technology before it becomes commonplace in everyday vehicles.