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South china sea research paper - South China Sea - Topics - Lawfare

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South China Sea Dispute

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China and south china sea conflict explained. What happening in south china sea (Hindi)

Claire and I went on a further technical journey and set about framing a basic application for the program.

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13:29 Murisar:
A bilateral approach would only increase tensions and suspicion. This area is disputed by several countries like China, Vietnam and Taiwan and besides these three by Brunei, The Philippines and Malaysia. The countries involved in the Paracels dispute sustained their claims based on historical proves, however the other actors involved decided to use International law to back-up their stories.

21:22 Bralar:
Great emphasis is put on the fishery business especially because of the shortages announced in what regards the seafood stock of Asian countries in the region. As mentioned before in the paper, one of the most important and defining issues that escalated the conflict was the oil rig planted by China near the Paracels islands The Guardian, ; CNN, ; The Diplomat, ; The Times,

20:00 Zulkir:
China accused the United States, claiming that the presence of the American vessels in the area is not legal.

11:23 Zuluk:
With regards to this they used especially the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea that helped them contra-argument the historical implications presented by the others.