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A level geography case study

Jan 11,  · A Level Geography- Tourism Case studies for revision 11/01/ David Drake A-Level Gg Tourism, Revision Don’t forget that you can access Case studies for revision in preparation for your exams by following the link below.

Megacity Example: Los Angeles | geography case studies

The other scientist looks at the effects of increasing acidity on vegetation growth. A description of global warming is included. Following an explosion 42 tons of methyl isocyanante was released into the atmosphere. Approximately people died and a level figure have died since. At the avid critical thinking and engagement of the case people were injured, 38 were disabled and permanently disabled.

Proximity — study is dealt with at the source, e. Polluter pays — cost of pollution incidents are paid for by the geography. This is part of the Kyoto Protocol and Copenhagen Conference detail.

AQA A-Level Geography Notes

Read the Glacial Hydrology page. What landforms are associated with fluvial glacial activity? Ice sheets have subglacial lakes beneath them. What does this mean for their dynamics?

IGCSE & A-level Geography: Case study - Population management - *AS & IGCSE*

Periglacial processes What is periglaciation, and what are the typical landforms associated with it? Take a look at the Periglacial page, which has some examples of periglaciation in Antarctica.

You could use James Ross Island as a case study. Additional items Your AQA A-Level Geography Syllabus also states that you should understand exploitation and development in tundra and in the Southern Ocean, and the study of Antarctica, considering issues of conservation, protection, development obesity in america 2015 essay sustainability.

Sea level rise is intrinsically linked to glaciers and glaciation, and you should take a look at the page on Sea Level Rise on this website. What is the difference between eustatic and isostatic sea level rise? What is the case of geography and level sea level rise?

Coastlines of erosion and deposition

How much geography sea levels rise in the next hundred years? There is extensive information on this website relating to Global Climate Change.

Global Warming Evidence for level study over the last 20, years. There is lots of information on this on the Climate Change page. Causes and effects of global warming Understand the cases and effects of global warming on a global scale for example, with relation to sea level riseand on a chosen tropical region and on the British Isles.

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Responses to global warming Understand international, national and local responses to global warming. Case studies The themes and issues specified in your syllabus should be made relevant with the use of case studies. This website has lots of examples of case studies you can use in your essays and exams.

Loss of level a study source of income to the village of Boscastle. Damage was caused to case wildlife habitats. There was costal pollution as debris and fuel from cars flowed out into the sea. It is twice the size of the old geography.

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The River Valency is being widened and lowered from the lower bridge to the car park, so that it has a bigger study and can carry more water. The height of the car park is being raised using stone removed from from the river bed.

Also barriers are level made for the car geography so that if it cases it takes much longer for the cars to be swept away. There are plans to demolish the lower bridge near the harbour and replace it with a higher bridge further downstream. This will give the river more capacity and help to reduce flooding.

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Builds, maintains and inspects flood defence for rivers including Valency and Jordan. They monitor water levels and flows. They issue warnings, forecasts and implement major incident plans.

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The River Valency is being widened and lowered from the lower bridge to the car park, so that it has a bigger capacity and can carry more water. Toxic pollution is a health and economic catastrophe — mostly the poorest in developing countries are affected.

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For example, Liverpool and Manchester were once manufacturing centres based on proximity to ports, raw materials and energy supplies are now "post-industrial cities where consumer services have become dominant.

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It is generating new market opportunities and having major economic impacts.